Jun 17, 2021

I did well for the oral test, about the morning test I hope I could pass it :)) Because at least I follow the sample answers, I just hope I didn’t make too many grammar, spelling mistakes.

It was really a hot day, the temperature was up to 31 Celsius degree. I’m thinking of buying a hat in case I go outside, so I won’t get sick. I didn’t get into the Aiesec, but hmm I think everything happens for a reason, so I will keep it as an experience. Actually, I did fell something wrong in the assessment round, so yeah. I had no concerns about that.

The weather forecast said tomorrow will have thunder and rain a lot, totally opposite with the previous days. I just pray that I can go to school safely to take the exam!

Last day of exam week and let’s rock it!!!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 16, 2021

Yay, my grades for the latest exams are fairly good so I 50% assure and my manner is raised to be confident to take the remaining exams! I’ll try my best.

The Japanese cheesecake is still edible until today, although It’s less fluffy and soft compared to the 1st day. But I could hear the sound of cracked bubbles in the cake when I cut by the spoon. After finishing all the exams, I definitely try to bake the “undefeated sponge” recipe and perhaps bake the chocolate cake, so I can have 2 types of cake on my sister’s birthday and mine on 2 more weeks🥳🥳🥳.

My sister in Vietnam was successful with make homemade flan cake yoooo, we all have cooking talent in our blood haha. It’s just because of our laziness so we don’t show our capability :))

I’ll review the content for the exam and go to bed soon!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 15, 2021

I think I get used to the wakeup early time recently, after days I needed to get up to take exam at HAN. I went to the mobile phone shop to print the handout for the business exam, and I printed with 1 page setting :)) I don’t understand, I clicked the “printer” icon on the word and It started to print. And I be like, oke I’m fine :)) I couldn’t redo it because it will waste more papers, so I just accepted it.

Mom baked sponge with pineapple jam :3 dad said it’s a bit dry, I think it was because of the unbalanced ratio between cake flour and egg white, perhaps the milk as well. I really want to bake another cake but I’m too lazy, so I will save it this weekend, after all exams!

My friend was “knockout” with the oral Spanish exam this afternoon, cry cry. I asked her experiences, I will prepare more so hopefully I can pass it! Because I learn the dialogue and understand the flow as well, not just learn by heart. Hope it works. I will update you guys the result this Thursday diary :3

Good night and love you all.

Jun 14, 2021

I succeeded with the Japanese cheesecake yayy, for the first time try. I really like the fluffy sound when I used me spoon to cut a piece of cake. The cake texture is not thick as the ponge, it’s so soft and fluffy. It’s even melted in your mouth yummy yummy.

I felt so right when make this cake today, it really lightened me up after weeks. Before that, I spent time learning by heart and editing the dialouges for my oral exam on this Thursday. I think I got the flow of the conversations, I just need to remember the keywords, especially the questions.

I’ll try my best to finish my first year glamorously!!! And the pilate exercise of Lilly always kills me :))

Good night and love you all.

Jun 13, 2021

Today is my younger sister’s birthday yayyyyy🥳🥳🥳 she turns 13, get ready to the grade 8 and Chemistry :3 I told to my friend that I hope her will learn that subject better than I did :))

I tended to bake the Japanese cheesecake but I couldn’t find the tray that fits the new oven. So I think I need to buy another mold and I’ll use the old mold as a tray. Because this cake need to bain marie, not a normal baking. Yeah, I hope I can make it!

And I of course will spend time learning the dialouges for the oral spanish. Next exams are comingggg.

Good night and love you all.

Jun 12, 2021

I failed a customer in the nail salon today, cry cry. It was the first time to offcially did the foot-pedicure, so I missed something. Lesson learned, I think I improve that in the nex time. I felt so sorry to sis Hang, she counted on me. As a whole, I will take it as a lesson and stand up from the failure.

The rest of the time is for me to train my polish skills. I’m practicing to get used to with the drawing brush, so I can do the artistic on nails besides polish.

I did the straight 1 hour workout with 5 clips of Lilly. And I feel I was so brave when I completed that, my brain was lack of oxygen that ai felt dizzy after the HIT exercises :)) anyway finally I finished it!!!

Yo hoo, I’ll train myself day by day to keep healthy and get fit! Ah and I will continue to get good preparation for the remaining exams.

Fighting Annie!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 11, 2021

I started to go to work on foot today, my legs are hurt after the booty and legs workout yesterday :)))

My speed of polishing nails is faster yayyyy, I’m training myself with using acrylic powder technique, it’s so hard to control the powder and the brush. I’m thinking of borrowing one plastic hand the powder to my home and sis Chi can guid me more about that. Let’s see.

Mom sent the clothes to me, I intended to choose more, but anyway, at least I will have my t-shirts for summers in next month :))) I will save up my salary from part-time job for the Master degree in the future, as well as buy gifts for my family when I come back Vietnamm. I’m so waiting for that day!

I’ll come home when I have some proud achievements like higher titles in the organisation or prizes in academic competition! It’s good for me to gain more experiences for my career in the future.

I have to be accomplished in study before 30 years old!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 10, 2021

I stayed at home to revise lessons for the remaining exams, also because I have a meeting in the afternoon, so I don’t go to the nail salon.

In the morning, I found a series of meditation, then I gave myself times to watch them and meditated. I can feel a flow of energy running through my vein, something released and my mind was not heavy anymore. I think It’s true to give myself some silent or “pause” moment, gimme a break to take the energy back. It’s quite fulfilled :3 I also discovered a series fo street food in Asia yoooo, Thailand and Japan would be places at the top of my travel bucket list!!!! I really love the colour, the vibe the creators did, which made the food has a story itself. It’s pity that the Vietnamese chapter didn’t exploit a lot about the unique of my country’s cuisine.

For the team at school, I still think the big issue in the project I’m attending would be misunderstanding, and my leader seemed to talk a lot in the meeting :)) I think I’m gonna give myself more time to get adapt with the team and at least I have to contribute something, like finding 2-3 sponsors for the project. After all argument, we still have one same goal, that is raising funds for the children in Morocco. I will stick to that as a motivation for me in the team.

Fill you days with full of motivations :3

Love you all.

Jun 9, 2021

I finished the second written exam yay, nearly half-way is passed :3 The exam start at 9.00am so I woke up early to ensure I’m present at the room on time. Therefore, I went to bed very soon last night, but I actually slept in the midnight :))) because the neighbourhood were gather together, chatted and laughed so loud and a lot,

After finishing the exam, I called mom to choose the summer clothes I would like my parent to ship to my home :)) I’m so lack of clothes tho. I think I found ice-creams that make me slow down to temptation of eating. They’re low fat ice cream and cheesecake strawberry ice cream of B&J’s. I don’t know, It might be because of my taste perhaps, but I don’t enjoy a lot when eating them so I eat a smaller amount of ice-cream than usual.

Thanks to watching information videos on YouTube about how you tubers earn money, I can easily explain to sis Chi when she suddenly asked me about that today :3 the feel is so great when you can say strongly about an academic thing to a person. Good thing to have more knowledge :3

Good night and love you all.

Jun 8, 2021

It’s not nearly an end of the date but I would like to start the diary, cause the rest of the time is definitely for revising lessons for tomorrow’s test.

I had an insomnia yesterday which made me lately felt into the sleep, even though I went to bed very late, at around 2am. It might be because my mind is stressed these days for remembering the vocabulary, grammars for the exams. No pain no gain! After tomorrow, I just have 2 more written exams, one of them is mostly using the common sense to solve cases, other allows students bringing documentary. So It will lessen the pressure, hope so.

I called my family and I had a nice time to gossip with my younger sisters about the unpleasant events happened to me :)) so relieve. And I realised I’m not as meek as my family assumed :))) It’s just I don’t want to hurt people, who I care about.

When finishing the call, Mom posed “a flower” gesture to me :)) so kewt haha, it’s too fast to capture the moment so I just can shared via words :3 will keep it in my heart.

Mom and dad are becoming “teen” and more open-minded :3 yay. I love my parents’ version moreee.

Good night and love you all.