Sep 21, 2021

Today is the Mid-autumn festival yayyyyy, I went to my friend’s home to celebrate with them. Our mooncakes are the sweet ones, so we just ate one piece per cake. The important thing is the meaning :3

It’s very long day at school, I received a handy advice from my lecturer about estimating the word count for each articles. So I would know how many words I should write per one, which saves time a lot.

The HAN4L Project has 2 more girls yay, so we have more members to run, I just hope that we can come to the final event, and we can deliver the aids for children in Morocco. That’s the only motivation for me until now.

I made progress in reading the chapters of the Branding book, 3 out of 16 :3 I’ll try to read 1 to half of a chapter per day, so ideally I can know what’s in the book for the writing exam.

I never imagine that I would be so busy like this time haha as I wish.

Good night and love you all.

Sep 20, 2021

Hey guys, I noticed that I stopped writing my diary for half of a month, omg. Time flied so fast, just like the way exam is coming to me in October.

The birthday cake I made for sis Hang is failed outside, because I put less gelatinous, so It doesn’t in a form haizzz. Although It tastes veryyyy delish. I will the cake in another day, definitely.

We just had one class today so lots of people didn’t show up, in my class there were only two students including me. And tomorrow is our final pitching for this class. Yayyyyy.

I tended to not travelling with my friends in the fall holiday, so I will do part time job and earn more money for my daily life. Because I have spent too much in the summer haizzz.

Although we’re doing a digital magazine about balancing out life between work/study and “me” time, I feel it’s a impossible mission :3 haha

Good night and love you all.

Sep 19, 2021

Hello guysss, I’m back

Second year in the University is crazyyyy. We have to make a digital magazine, each person designs a newsletter, and other assignments, learn a thick book. OMG so many things to do, but it’s funnnn, I will try my best to overcome it. Furthermore, my team for this semester is nice unitl now, hope that we can make it and win the pitching.

I’m feeling better after a flu last week, thanks God. My voice is normal and I can breath as usual again. 2 more days are the Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam, sadly that Vietnamese people can celebrate it like every year, because of the covid. However, I believe that the most precious gift will be health for everyone, so that’s my wish.

SIs Hang gave me a mooncake awwww, her family officially moved into live with sis Chi, until she find a new home. I have to admit, she looks a like my mom a lot *cry cry*, It makes me miss my mom and my family in Vietnam,

Hopefully, if there’s no unexpected issues, I can visit my family before I go crazy with my future career. It’s talk to you guys again.

Love you all.

Aug 30, 2021

Yayyyy, my first day of the second year!!!

Before going to school, I went to register the membership at a gym in Arnhem center, bring it on friendsss. I will commit to the goal I made and hopefully I can achieve it before I come back Vietnam.

It’s weird to see lots of students in the school, I’m a little panic to be honest. For the language workshop this year, they have 4 stands of specialities for each country: The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. Because it didn’t limit people so me and my friend also paid a visit, grabbed some food haha. And this year is 25th anniversary of school foundation, so we have the free coffee and ice cream as wellšŸ„³

Long time no see my friends, and my class has more new comers from other classes. I will try my best to maintain the grades for exchange in the 3rd year.

Wish me luck guys.

Love you all.

Aug 29, 2021

After a long night, we all slept :)) around 3am. Then a sister took Arhem gang to Sai Gin deli, where sells Vietnamese specialities like Pho, Com tam, Banh mi, etc. It took quite long for the food being served, the tastes are better than An An restaurant. Even though the soup of Hu tiu is not savory a lot, but it’s still all right; bonus with Banh xeo awwww.

We tried a brand new bubble tea :))) they’ve just opened for 2 days, the tapioca isn’t cooked well, so a bit hard. But I like the taste of tea I can feel.

When I arrived home, there are lobster and crabs from sis Hang, so dad of sis Hang told me to try :))) my eating life is so lucky :3

Yeah, and I finished my day by watching Bake Squad. They’re sooo talent people, you definitely must watch it. It’s like I have some experiences with making desserts, so I know how indicate and sophisticating these technique, sooo admirable.

Love you all.

Aug 28, 2021

I had a wonderful trip to Utrecht yayy. This time could be seen as one of the most crowded members bonding of our PR Department, with 16 people.

Meeting each other in Utrecht central, we went to a park to start the day. Before that, everyone stopped by a famous icecream store named Hop&Stork. The icecream is high quality because they’re easy to melt after being out of the freezer; which means there are less ice in the ice cream. And It’s so funny that I bought three scoops of ice cream, so they soonly melted and dropped onto my clothes :))) so clumpsy am I. Even though the staff is a bit surprised when hearing my order, but It can’t stop my passion :3

Then we came to a park, which is devided into seceral circles. It’s quite convenient so people can group the area they seat and not disturb other groups. By the way, we still met an impolite and drunk man, who came to us and kept asking where do we from.

We played 2 truths and 1 lie, which revealed lots of stories of people. Dunno why, but among 3 things, there must be 1 tragedic event like break the bones, be kidnapped, see an accident.

In the evening, we went to An An restaurant. They served mostly Vietnamese dishes, but today the quality and the tastes are not so good. Hence, I didn’t enjoy a lot. Then we arrived one of the member’s home to play drinking game and eat Bun Bo Hue-made by her; so yummyyyy.

It can be seen as the most successful way to end my summer :3

Love you all.

Aug 26, 2021

Thursday is always the longest day among a week :3 but today I had an improvement in the way I glue nails tips for my guests. Yayyy. And sis Hang cooked Pho – beef noodle soup for us, in the North way. It’s less seasoning than the South people. Besides, the beef is marinated beforehand, new huh :3 But it’s still delishhhhh.

We worked till 7.30pm and I came home around 8pm, enjoy Haagendazs myself. Sooo satisfied, and I’m gonna finish the Bigbang Theory seriessss. I also study the way to make red velvet cake, for a birthday :3333 I’ll tell you for who later.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 27, 2021

Oh my ‘sister’ came and vistes me, earlier than expectes. Usualy, she comes once a mont and now here she is ^^ a lot more than the previous cycles. Haiz

I had my first day at HAN after a summer yooo, my class has more students, because we only have 3 classes of Communication left, instead of 4. So yeah.

Eventually, I grouped with one of my friend in Helix gang haha. Hope It’ll go well. I’m a bit tired for today because of the “girl” stuff cycle. So I’ll fo to sleep soon, get well for tomorrow trip as well.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 25, 2021

My former boss called me this morning to ask about a design file, which I made in the past. However, I think It was hard to get it because It’s on my old laptop and it died for months :))

But we had a good catch up conversation, I felt very comfortable about that. I don’t know but recently, I feel myself more comfortable in interacting with foreign people. My gesture, my tonation and my thinking is spontaneous, despite my sometimes I still lack of the ending sound.

And the workout of Lilly Sabri is still as kill as always :)) the Gym hasn’t called me yet cry cry. Maybe the fate doesn’t allow us to go togetheršŸ™‚

I’m thinking of changing the gym. Let’s see.

Love you all.

Aug 24, 2021

Ha :3 I almost burned my bread for the breakfast :))) I just kept forgetting things I put in the oven. There was once I left the pork in and it become hard as a rock, so I had to throw it away :))

Finally, after a day, I had a meal with boiled pork and Vietnamese sauce. Actually, I intended to eat them with Mam tom, but I was in a meeting, so I used Mam nem instead, It’s a ready for use product, so I didn’t have to do a lot. In spite of the fact that It doesn’t have the taste I usually eat in Vietnam, but at least I have one to eat :)) haizzz poor me.

The gym hasn’t called me yet, and when I passed by the place in the morning, they even don’t open at 9am as they write on Google :)) I think that’s a reason why there was no one call me to set a meeting. I feel like my body is procrastinating when knowing that I’m gonna sign up for a gym. Like it’s waiting for an expert :))) I’m trying to motivate myself to follow the YouTube clips.

Love you all.