May 30, 2021

Sis Hang prepared grilled pork with rice vermicelli, so yummy. I had waited for a whole day to that moment :3 she even cooked the green bean sweet awwww, I won’t attempt to be a good cook like her but I will follow my passion with dessert :3 When I have more money :))

I spent the rest of my day studying and copying words from lectures/document to paper, that’s my method to learn for exams. It’s like knowledge is marked into my brain more times when I do that.

Next week is the pre-exam week, I will manage my time to prepare for the exam and work at nail salon as well. Fighting Annie! Time flies so fast huh! It’s almost a year I came here.

Good night and love you all.

May 29, 2021

I got my first salary for work yayyyyy. It’s a motivation for me to keep going! I had a so-so busy day at nail salon, had a quick call with my parents in the break time. Then I came back to work till 6pm.

And I know it’s gonna take more time for me to have a dream body like girls on private group of Lilly Sabri if I keep nurturing my love with ice-cream :)))))))))

I can’t resit its temptation, but I set a minimum goal for me to have a fit body is at least 1 year :3 so let’s see.

My friends called me to join in group studying with them :))) and they sonly regretted about that decision. Because I talked too much :))) I’m not a person born for “group studying”, I can just study on my own space, so yeah :)) Then we said good bye to let people in peace to learn.

And realised it’s quite late tho, my family will gather together to make round sticky rice cake tomorrow yayyyy so kept, I’m gonna call my parents to see.

Good night and love you all.

May 28, 2021

A day to meet my HAN4L Project in real life, which is quite nice, like I feel a bond between people in group. And today is sunny, totally opposite from the other days of a week.

Nice weather to go out, so I met my team, went to my sister room to borrow her adapter for Mac to move pictures from the DSRL camera to my laptop. Then I went home android the portfolio crai crai. I think I will start learning PR and English vocab tomorrow. I tried strawberry cheesecake ice cream of Haagendazs and almost finished a whole box :)))))))))))) OMG, you have to stop Annie.

And I called my parents, the covid is increasing in Vietnam, there are positive cases in my maternal grandma house, so the authority temporarily locked the area. One of my friend in Vietnam also texted me about that, so touching. Hope people will be all right!!!

Stay home and stay safe.

Love you all.

May 27, 2021

I listened to the podcast that interviewed Le Hong Lam, a well-known journalist, film researcher in Vietnam. He recommended the GQ Magazine in order to enrich the writing inspiration, vocabulary and the comprehensiveness. I read 2 articles and I felt it right, the articles are long but attractive and concise, inform readers quite adequately with the information. I set a goal to read 1 article per day besides listening podcast to enhance my knowledge and skills.

This week can be seen as the last week before we enter to exams so teachers teach a lot, they tried to utilise the time left to deliver all lessons. It was also because we have 1 week off before that, so yeah.

I decide to eat vegetarian till the end of the week :))) cause I bought too many vegetables and I bought more ice-cream boxes as well. Ah tomorrow I will go to HAN to join a cooking workshop :3 let’s seee, it’s held by HAN Vietnamese society so we’ll cook Vietnamese speciality yayyy.

Also have an offline meeting with HAN team of a HAN4L project, hope everything go well.

Good night and love you all.

May 26, 2021

I went to school to do spss for the research, I think I’m gonna change the breakfast tomorrow, which is not brown brean+peanut butter+banana :))) I think I have been eating this combo for more than a month.

Luckily, at the moment I had my seat on the library, It rained like dogs and cats. I spent hours on completing the spss part of research, thankfully that my school computer has the programe, so I just simply go to school and play with it. One more supreme plus for computers that they’re sooo huge. When putting my Mac next to them it’s just like a dwarf by a giant :)))

After finishing almost everything, I came home, worked out and had a dinner. Then hurriedly learning by heart vocabulary of spanish for the go-over test with my brother.

The end of Norwegian Wood isn’t satisfied me at all, maybe it covers many meaning layers that I haven’t discover yet hmm. Anyway, I consider to read it again.

What’s your thought about the book?

Love you all.

May 25, 2021

I joined photography workshop in the afternoon. I sent pictures that I took for the homework after workshop. There’s 1 picture of soot statue from My neighbourhood is Totoro, I was given by a ex-member in the charitable club. People looked excited when seeing the photo :))) like, they perhaps expected something artistic and mature somehow lol. Besides, they were also impressed about a bulb picture in the dark, It just came up my mind a few hours before the workshop, so yeah I’m happy cause people love it.

In the end of the 3rd workshop, we had an assignment to advertise a chocolate bar, I’ll think more about this and submit it before Tuesday next week.

I came home and learnt Spanish words for the exam, called with my brother. We exchanged story about his “dramatic” renting room journey, I asked him about an interesting story I got from Dustin on the go series on Youtube. And I found out an insightful fact about the book translator, there’s a quote that a excellent translator needs to have sensitive ears. Weird huh?!! I also had a same feeling when hearing that at first, but then the speaker explained: besides the hands and vocabulary, the translator needs to sense a beat in a book he or she is translating. Hence, It brings back a melody to attract the readers follow the flow of the story, which makes the translated book doesn’t seem like it was translated. Niceeee

I think It explains a lot why there are so many books that keep my attention till the end page, whereas there are some that I felt so boring when flipping 1-2 chapters. Do you feel that :3 Podcast is great, It teaches a lot interesting things, you should listen them, besides reading books.

Love you all.

May 24, 2021

I wore thin pyjamas to sleep so when It turned to night, It was quite cold and I awoke during the sleeping, after trolling for a while, I put 1 more hoodie so I could feel warmer.

Because of that, I slept until 9.30am, woke up slowly and ate breakfast, completed the social performance report of the Career Fair and went to my friend home to borrow a DSRL camera, for the photography workshop tomorrow. It was drizzle all daylight and turned to sunny in the afternoon :))) I watched Girl trip on Netflix today, It evoked a future image of mine that I could be stuck in the situation like the main actress. When I focus to work too much and I lose my marriage, after realising the problem, I find another mate, end happily. But any way, the girl still have a broken marriage before that, It hurts a lot tho. I don’t know, I just had a strong sense about that. Hope that It would aware of it and maintain my life in the future.

Sometimes, you can feel a strong vision about your future via a character in a random movie, don’t you?

Good night and love you all.

May 23, 2021

Because of being exhausted after a long day, I slept from 1.30am till 10.30am, the feeling was so satisfied ;)))

I believed I succeeded in calling the “enthusiastic vibe” when I was a real first year student in Vietnam in order to cheer up my mood with the school project. And we had a productive meeting about what we should do in the next weeks to call for sponsors. Besides, when reading the documents about the impact of the project, I truly admire and love what they can support for the children in desert of Morocco, so I determined that I have to do something!

Mom wore my clothe yesterday haha, It fits and both mom and dad wore in blue color code, which quite matched with my home :))) my family loves blue a lot, I believe. Yesterday was a birthday party of my niece, my relatives named their kids pen name based on “fruits”, we have jackfruit, strawberry and avocado :)) sometimes I can’t call the face of that kid immediately when hearing their nick name lol.

Close my day via reading pages of the book, it has an unspoken temptation to make me keep flip page by page, I have to force my self to stop :)) otherwise, I won’t have health for tomorrow.

That’s the “sexy” of books :3

Love you all.

May 22, 2021

It was a busy day with work at the nail salon and webinars of the Career Fair event. The customers came in the same hour so we’re so crowded, there were 10 customers in the peak hour and we smoothly operated the customer flow. End of the day was also the end of the onsite Career Fair. I had to admit that all companies and guests came to the event were so dedicated and high profile, truly impressed.

After coming back home, I workout as usual and had dinner at around 9pm. The Spanish vocab are a lot for this second term, I took me and my brother 1 and a half hour to finish them all. To finish a day, I read some pages of the book and when I realised it was over 1am :))))) let’s go to bed now.

Such a busy busy day :3

Love you all.

May 21, 2021

I had a high quality consultant with 2 mentors in the Career Fair event, although the time is limited cause we have other attendees, my mentors knew to utilise the time and delivered the short but neat meeting; which gave me lots of insightful and precious advices for my future.

Lately, I tried 2 boxes of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, one is vegan, one isn’t. I think after tasting the non-vegan type, I can feel the sugarless in the vegan :))) Because the first B&J type I tried when I came here was fudge brownie vegan, so I thought the ice cream here has this kind of flavor, turned out I was lacked of experiences.

Ah, I said to my boss in the consultant company that I won’t work with them, cause I think I need to equip myself more skills. Later on, I can help him more with developing his business. And I will feel the salary I receive is more worth.

I hesitated a lot, if I quit the job, I won’t have money to build herb medicines for my parents in Vietnam, but I think I will find ways to figure out! And today, I also find out the motivation for the project at school, to become a freshman that always curious about the school, join everything! That vibe could help me adapt with the team, hopefully.

Good night and love you all.