Aug 11, 2021

I seriously started my weight loss plan via intermittent fasting 16:8 and another workout program of Lilly Sabri. I will watch my number everyday to keep track, and adjust the amount of food I eat. I hope It’ll work.

The guests of the nail salon are not crowded today, but whenever I tended to call my parents, there would be guests come :)) so weirdo.

I played “Get to know” question lists from the PR campaign, I thought people wouldn’t ask much, but turned out there are some :3 It’s fun, I just didn’t like the question “first impression”, so tricky tho.

Ah and I also tasted the beef rib eye that I bought in the supermarket, sooo tender. Arggg next time, I will buy it only!!!! I decrease the sweet I spend per day you know. Haizzz

Wish me success with my goal guys!

Love you all.

Aug 10, 2021

I volunteered to support the ASEAN’s 54th anniversary event in the Embassy of Vietnam in The Netherlands, which in The Hague. Hence, I had to depart soon so I can be present on time :3

It has been a long time ago since I wore high heels, so it was challenging for me today haha. Although I know it’s good investment, but it’s still hurt :3 And finally I got a new pair of sneakers yay, as my birthday present from my friends.

However, the most shocking moment of today would be the time I looked at myself in the picture with the Vietnamese ambassador of the embassy. My face and my body are like pillows :(((( I didn’t know whether it because of the light, or the way my friend took the pictures, but I look like a fat 2 children ladies :(((( It so obsessed. I will be strict to myself.

Haizzz I will adjust my diet and exercise, so I can achieve my goals at around 50-52kg. I’l’ seriously work on it.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 9, 2021

I was worried to get up soon tomorrow so I delayed my diary. If you wonder how soon could it be, It’s really soon, like I need to get up at 5am and go straight to the bus stop before 6am OMG.

The guests were not so crowded today, which gave me time to call my parents :3 I went to a bookstore in Arnhem, to find the vaccination passport but they’re sold out. So hot, 2 bookstores I passed by in Rotterdam also had the same situation. I think It because people need it for travelling, I needn’t have it now but I think of the future, when I come back Vietnam or maybe travel to countries outside EU.

Got home soon and prepared a grilled pork for dinner, but I was into the meeting with my teammates :(( You knew the result. Then I replaced it with a sausage I bought from the German supermarket, yummy yummy.

One more lesson learned :333

Love you all.

Aug 8, 2021

Although I finished the night game at around 6am, I was awaked by my friend’s alarm at 9.30am :))) so I got up. We prepared and started our discover day.

My tounge is a bit tasteless after the night, so firstly I didn’t have a sense of hungry. Then me and my brother saw a delicious ice cream store in Rotterdam, so I went directly in there and got 3 scoops of them :)))) It has reasonable price and biggggggg.

The bubble tea store we chose doesn’t taste yummy, it’s a bit disappointed. The cake store we passed by is the same, customer service isn’t good and just 1 of 4 cakes that we bought taste nice.

Luckily, we can have a spot in a Chinese restaurant near by Rotterdam Central station, the dishes are quite delicious, we were sooo full and satisfied.

Finally I arrived home at 9.30pm hurayyy. Recharge my battery for next week.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 7, 2021

I had a plan to go to Rotterdam in the evening yoo, before that I also went to supermarket in Germany. Sis Chi drove me, sis Hang and my friend to go there.

The guests today were so crowded as well, but the general trend is taking away the nails after vacation :)) sis Hang said this tendency is gonna last to the end of this month.

After coming from the supermarket, I ran as fast as possible to put all stuffs in fridge, get clothes for the trip and go to the bus stop :))) we made it in Rotterdam at arounfd midnight. And we had a late drinking night after 1 month hanging out :3333 that’s abroad student’s life.

Love you all.

Aug 6, 2021

I almost slept over 9am :)) Thanks God I awaked in time and rushly got preparation for going to work.

Guetsts come and go, I keep working. That’s a daily routine, but of course when doing nails stuffs we definitely meet different types of nails and guests :3

The salon closed soon today so I came home, started with a harsh workout. I thought It reached to my maximum tolerance :)))) OMG

And I also find another time of eating, I believe It will make a good change in my body :3

Love you.

Jul 30, 2021

I have to to to bed soon today. Three days constantly, I woke up at 6-7am :))) and went to slept after midnight.

Today, when I went to work after the meeting, everything just moved so slow around me :))) I think I need to keep me healthy for this week 2nd vaccine :3

Mon asked whether my dress I wore in the picture I took in front of the cathedral was rent :))) so funny.

Anw, go to bed now.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 5, 2021

Our last guest today came at around 7.45pm, actually it was not really busy. Like customers are divided equally via time shift, so yeah.

Sis Hang cooked rice porridge full of crab-roe, OMG, soooo stunning; we also had fried rice. But I voted for the porridge :3 so yummy.

I slept to 8.10am and tended to sleep for a few minutes because I thought It was quite soon. And the next time I checked my phone was 9am :)))) Surprised.

We had a long bonding video call with my people in the PR project, so fast and furious, we set a hangout meeting on this Saturday :)) as well as next week Saturday to pick up my sister in Amsterdam, yayyy.

Tomorrow is finally Friday :3 I will go to German to buy stuffs with sis Chi and sis Hang :3

Good night and love you all.

Aug 4, 2021

Although sis Chi’s day fixed the bed for me, it came back to the old situation and even worse haizz. I think I’m gonna tell her to take away it, I will keep the mattress only.

Guests were not as crowded as yesterday’s, phew. And I also had time to go to Blokker to but a body scale for me, I think It’s time for me to carefully follow my number !!!

The guys in my TikTok team are so energetic, young and dedicated, I really admire their attitudes! I hope they’ll keep this fire to help our association grow bigger and stronger.

I’ll go to bed soon to keep health for the busiest day the week, tomorrow.

Good night and love you all.

Aug 3, 2021

Because I had to stay at home till sis Chi drive her dad back from the vaccine place, I had a chance to sleep nicely to 10am yayyy.

Then I woke up and hurrily went to the play yard of the kids in my neighbor, where there are lots of blackberries in. We picked a lot, so fun, but the trees have so many thorns; which can easily scratch to my clothes.

After that I went to work, we had so many guests OMG, and I came home soon for the meeting with my team for the PR campaign. Such a busy dayyy, but the happiest thing is I knew I recovered from the fever :3

Love you all.