Jun 7, 2021

When I was studying for the Spanish exam, I heard an alert alarm sound, which was very loud and my phone received a message as well. Yeah, and I realised, today is the first Monday of a month. Occasionally, there is a alert like this in The Netherlands when the related authorities rehearse for the security protection I believe :)) at the first time, I was so nervous and I texted my friends about that, I thought there was en earthquake, but no haha.

So, I completed my first exam of this term :3 and still have 3 more written and 1 oral exam, fighting Annie! I was literally off my phone to focus on studying and studying. And it worked tho :)) for me, so yeah I will try my best to make my family proud :3 after finishing, I called my parents immediately, mom picked up my call, we just had a short conversation since it was 10pm in Vietnam. Yeah I called to hear the sentence I love you from mom and dad, big motivation after a long day🥰

Ah btw, speaking of my country – Vietnam, in the qualifier of World Cup, when Vietnamese team is against Indonesian team, we scored 4-0. So proud of my people! Although I’m not a big fan of football but I’m a patriotic person, so I feel happy for my country! Let’s celebrate with 2 boxes of Ben&Jerry ice-cream I bought this evening :))

Good night and love you all.

Jun 6, 2021

I sent the appreciation clip to our PR team, to express my brother and mine gratefulness to the contribution of people in this event. Without them, I don’t think we could make it! After finishing all the exams, I will write an appreciation post as well :3

For this whole day, I focused on revising the vocabulary and grammar of Spanish, gave myself some break and continued with the lessons. By the way, when I looked for the old picture in February, I can see the progress in my body shape compared to now. It’s a motivation for me to follow the program yayyyyy.

Tomorrow will be my first exam of this period. I will try my best and maintain the manners as good as possible to finish this first year gloriously!

Wish myself luck!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 5, 2021

Ohhh, this day next month will be the day I turn to 21 yayyyyyyyy, and eight more days is my younger sister’s birthday too. We are both born in summer so I guess there is a behind reason why our characteristics are all a bit hot :))

Today, I worked at nail salon, and I had a chance to polish nails on one customer’s foot yay :3 sis Hang cooked stewed fish dish, which is one of the traditional family meal in Vietnam. She also cooked steamed momordica glutinous rice ahhh so nostalgic. I missed that tasty. I strongly believe besides having a well-experienced workmanship in nails, she and her husband can be successful in cuisine as well.

I will focus on completing on exams as good as possible then I will practice my skills in nails to support and don’t let the teaching efforts of sis Hang and bro Liem waste!

Good night and love you all.

Jun 4, 2021

A busy pre-exam day, I tried to cover all Spanish vocabulary for the Monday exam, practiced oral test as well.

I can see abs on my belly yayyyyyyy. Finally, my effort is paid off with some results, It is a big motivation for me to try harder everyday!

Today, my mom made Vietnamese pancake for the family, it looks so yummyyy. Yesterday, me and my brother had just talked about this food and today my mom did it, jinx :3

Besides studying, I have a evaluation meeting with the organising team of Career fair to assess and give feedback. We all frankly said the good and improved points of the project, I really like that enthusiasm. Thanks to that, we can do better in the next events.

That’s good news, bad news is I’m still struggling a bit with another project. Everybody has our own perspective and that leads to the misunderstanding, a lot. Haiz, I’ll do my best, just hope It won’t affect to the goal, cause in the beginning, I join the project with the purpose of helping children in the remote area, that’s it.

Good night and love you all.

Jun 3, 2021

I used the group chat video to call my maternal relatives and parents at the same time, the adults were quite interested in finding the function :)) Why I don’t use it sooner. Because the covid situation in Vietnam is intensive so the partial lockdown enacts in “alarming” areas, include my district. So my parents cannot visit the relatives for a week, that’s why I decided to call in group :3

But Zalo has its limit, I can just see 3 screens of others, while Messenger can expand to maximum 8 ones, but my relatives don’t use Facebook much. As same as my mom’s colleagues, she intends to call them tomorrow :)))

A few. days before first exam, I’ll come back to my study now, see you guys! The legs and butt workout of Lilly hurts my hamstrings a lotttt.

Good night and love you all.

Jun 2, 2021

I stayed at home today to prepare for the exams, completed the portfolio for research. I called my parents for a while to update about their situation hmm and one of my ex-member sent a instagram filter that she designed by herself to me, awww so talent. I tried it right a way!

I posted a picture when I was really young, around 3-4 years old, wearing sunglasses on a beach with a “cool” face :)) And I also commented below the post to explain the origin why I had that pic, and the moment I commented about how much I was lucky at that time, every single event or trip of my young life was recorded and stored in albums. Hence, my memory is still there and I’m really grateful for the sacrifices of my parents that brought me up from a tiny girl to Annie now.

In the evening, I called my brother to re-record an appreciation video to my PR team for their support in the Career Fair. We failed a bit at the first time, so my brother want to redo that :))

After that, I watched Bombshell, a film about a seismic scandal in US News industry about sexual harassment of female hosts, reporters in Fox News. The end of the CEO is not satisfied me a lot, maybe I expected it too much, but I really like the last scene when the young reporter decided to leave the workplace. Go girl!

I think that issue will keep happening if there’s no strict regulations for that. I just hope woman can strong enough to protect themselves!

Love you all.

Jun 1, 2021

First day of June, I went to work from the morning. We are starting to have salary from this month yay, I’ll try my best to practice my skills.

Working all day long, the weather is quite hot so you will easily get exhausted when being outside for a while. When I came back home, I gave myself minutes to relax and started with my daily workout. Finishing the day by a watching Hidden figures, again. For this time, I realised scenes that reflects lots of context of US at that time like the discrimination, the inequality in gender. It makes sense why the film received many awards in the industry.

I’ll watch “Thanks for smoking” tomorrow, It’s for my PR exam, so I need to pay attention to it carefully. Finally, exam is coming :3

Goodnight and love you all.

May 31, 2021

Last day of May of 2021 :3 I spent my day productively revising the lessons for the exams, because I will work 2 days this week.

I’m also coming to the 3rd week of 28 days fat burn workout program of. Lilly yayyyy. Until now, I can feel the effects on my body sculpts, it hurts tho :)) but worth.

The weather is turning to summer 90%, it’s hot, of course not as hot as in Vietnam, but we all feel the change. My partner for the Spanish oral test said summer came quite late this year, usually it starts in March. While, It is in the end of May, strange huh ?!! We had a longest snow period and the latest coming summer.

This is nearly a year of coming here, 3/4 of the 1st year journey passed. I don’t know what’s coming to me in the incoming year, just know to try my best and be myself.

Love you all.

May 30, 2021

Sis Hang prepared grilled pork with rice vermicelli, so yummy. I had waited for a whole day to that moment :3 she even cooked the green bean sweet awwww, I won’t attempt to be a good cook like her but I will follow my passion with dessert :3 When I have more money :))

I spent the rest of my day studying and copying words from lectures/document to paper, that’s my method to learn for exams. It’s like knowledge is marked into my brain more times when I do that.

Next week is the pre-exam week, I will manage my time to prepare for the exam and work at nail salon as well. Fighting Annie! Time flies so fast huh! It’s almost a year I came here.

Good night and love you all.

May 29, 2021

I got my first salary for work yayyyyy. It’s a motivation for me to keep going! I had a so-so busy day at nail salon, had a quick call with my parents in the break time. Then I came back to work till 6pm.

And I know it’s gonna take more time for me to have a dream body like girls on private group of Lilly Sabri if I keep nurturing my love with ice-cream :)))))))))

I can’t resit its temptation, but I set a minimum goal for me to have a fit body is at least 1 year :3 so let’s see.

My friends called me to join in group studying with them :))) and they sonly regretted about that decision. Because I talked too much :))) I’m not a person born for “group studying”, I can just study on my own space, so yeah :)) Then we said good bye to let people in peace to learn.

And realised it’s quite late tho, my family will gather together to make round sticky rice cake tomorrow yayyyy so kept, I’m gonna call my parents to see.

Good night and love you all.