Jul 24, 2021

Normally, customer on Saturday easilly cancelled the book to hangout or be busy with personal plan. Hence, sis Hang will take more guests than usual, as a back up plan to maintain the average number of customers per day. However, thing didn’t happen as the plan :))) almost the guests came on time, so we had to work non-stop from morning to 5pm :)) super effective day.

Then sis Hang and bro Liem took everyone as well as sis Chi, their friends to a Thai restaurant. The food is so-so, perhaps they adjust the taste to match with local people. It’s a pity that they don’t serve sticky rice with mango, which is a star of street food in Thailand.

We finished everything at around 10:30pm :))) finally came home and went back to The bigbang theory :3

Love you all.

Jul 23, 2021

It’s 11 months since the first day I arrived the Netherlands, yayyy.

I have a meeting to brainstorm ideas for the PR campaign so I left the nail salon soon. Because this time is holiday so people need to beautify themselves, and nails are one of the most important things!!! Our salon is crowded with customers these days :3

The meeting is fine, we met new people who also joined in the project. It’ll take time for us to get along with each other, but I think It’ll be all right. We still need the final plan by July 30. I’ll try my best, not only for the position I applied but also for the campaign. Its purposes include helping new comers from Vietnam to the Netherlands for studying, creating opportunities for networking and branding for my association students.

Just hope it will go well.

Love you all.

Jul 22, 2021

It’s hard to feel my fingers after the end of this day :))))))))))))))))) I polished for more guests than usual, and most of them chose the hard color :)) nice combo.

So tired but things are recharged after I finished the workout, yes guys: do exercise!!! It will keep you healthy and strong everyday, not even mention the long-term advantage.

The yeast I put into Banh bo wasn’t risen enough, so the center of the cakes were dry. Nonetheless, I had the experiences, It’ll be definitely better in the next time :3

Love you all.

Jul 21, 2021

It was a very noisy day at the nail salon :)) Unexpectedly, there are lots of kids go along with their moms to the salon. I think if it’s not impossible, perhaps I won’t bring my kids to the beauty salon, because it not only affects to other people but also the kids themselves. They have to stand still for a long time and keep quiet, which is impossible for them :)))

It’s really funny that the two family came to nail salon got along with each other right away and even went to the fast food store in front of the salon to eat together :)) so lovely.

I came home and did the workout to get my energy back. After that, I tried with doing Banh bo :3 It was a bit panic when I realised I misunderstood about the amount of liquid should be added to the dry mixture. Fortunately, the cakes are still edible, until now :)) hopefully, tomorrow It still remains.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 20, 2021

One of my friend came back from France and bought the Vietnamese bread, It’s sooo good :3 sis Hang also made bread with pate :3 so happy.

The guests kept going in and out the nail salon, which is a positive signal, I hope It contributed helping sis Hang buy a new house soon. I think I’m getting of remembering the pedicure procedure, but I need to practice, haizzz hope that I’ll have some times in the future, before the new academic year starts.

I have a plan to make a Vietnamese sweet cake, which is known as Banh bo. I saw the material hmm, It’s quite different from the instruction on the package, but let’s me try :3 I’ll tell you guys when It succeeds.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 19, 2021

After working at the nail salon, I came home with the intention of making cream puff.

Before that, I had a meeting with a core team to get preparation for the next event series of the Vietnamese association student I’m in: the Welcome month. It includes three main activities: pick-up abroad students, bbq party and helpful tips to live in The Netherlands. The series will last for more than three months I guess :))) Fighting!!!

After working out, I just could finish a few steps of making the cream puff, but I still wanted to have some complete works. Hence, I changed to make flan :)) I didn’t cover the aluminium so It got burn a bit on the surface of the flan. Hope it still ok. Let’s see the result tomorrow.

Love you all.

Jul 18, 2021

It’s really sunny today, really really sunny.

I tended to catch the 6 bus to the Asian supermarket to buy ingredients to make cakes but I went on the wrong one :))

Today is a relaxing day after a week of working yay. With the experience of my friend in fashion, she gave me advices on the suitable style of clothings I should choose. It seems hard since the day I haver started workout, my shirt size becomes smaller but my pants size is the opposite :))) Haiz, my best friend said the body form will be fit soon when I spend more time on workout, hope so :3

I aslo have a bit sugar rush :)) when decided to finish my meal with a lava cake and a cheesecake, I want to taste them then I can make my own cakes better version. So regretful :))

I came back to the workout, a bit hard, I think I will be used to it in the next day.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 17, 2021

Final day of a week yayyyy. I think I need to level up my drawing skill later on because my polish skill is enhanced. Hence, I would like to learn more to help sis Hang.

I returned home and had a starving dinner with sushi and Chinese food, so yummyyyyyyy. The area in my home is quarantined because there’s a person that positive with COVID-19, so it affects to the whole zone. I hope my family will be all right.

Look at the kids of sis Chi’s family playing with each other is so satisfied, but I’m still afraid of the scream heh :))

The second day of no exercise hmm, I’ll come back to it tomorrow.

Love you all.

Jul 16, 2021

After finishing work at the nail salon, I hangout with my friends in a Thai and Chinese restaurant. It’s so satisfied when spending time eating, chatting and relaxing.

After finishing the food, we straighted up to the Food Hall of Arnhem, the place that I have heard my friends tell about it a lot. We tried 3 dished of dessert: Creme brulee, a piece of red velvet cake and crepe with honey and cinamon. They weren’t as good as my expectation :)))) too sweet, just the sponge cake of the red velvet is ok. Nonetheless, it’s a chance for me to try and perhaps when I do it in somedays, I won’t make the same mistakes.

Tomorrow is Saturday yayyy and I have one more day till the stylish day.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 15, 2021

I believe my package is lost :))) It’s so weird that it is more than a month, I still haven’t seen it :))

I will write the diary before I stuck myself with The Bigbang theory :)) It’s so addictive, and it has 12 seasons OMG. My brother said he saw all of them in 2 weeks, HOW?!!

My polish skill is enhanced but I still can’t do pedicure and draw on nails haizzzz, hope I’ll have time to learn that incoming days. I found a deal to buy bus ticket monthly, so It could help me save more than 20euros per month :3 yay. However, I just have 1 day to travel each week, so it’s hard to travel so far :33 I miss my old dayyy.

Definitely I will spend days for relaxing!!!

Good night and love you all.